Our big, beautiful bio-digester is the heart of Fat Beet Farm. It breathes life into all corners of our farm, and allows us to grow a bounty of food while also replenishing the land sustainably.

All of our food waste from our kitchen, our farmhands’ homes, and our crops is “fed” to the mouth of our digester, and is ground into a pulp. Mixed with water, the food waste slurry is pumped into the first tank to begin the digestion process. As anaerobic enzymes break down the food, it bubbles over into the second tank to finish the digestion process.

Everything is completely digested within 24 hours. The two amazing outputs that we collect from the bio-digester are a nutrient-dense natural fertilizer slurry and methane gas. The slurry allows grow everything on the farm without any chemical fertilizers, and the methane can be used for cooking or running generators!

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