Microgreens, also known as vegetable confetti, are young sprouts of many different vegetables and herbs. Ours are organically grown; we only add solar powered light and water! At Fat Beet, we grow 6-10 varieties at any given time; they grow in many different colors, shapes, sizes, and flavors. Our favorites include Amaranth, Chinese Cabbage, Pea Shoots, Genovese Basil, Cilantro, Dino Kale, and Sunflower Shoots. We always have our Chef Blend, which is a rainbow mix that tastes great with almost anything, but we can also grow single varieties for our restaurant partners.

Micros are exceptionally healthy. They contain 4-40 times the nutrient value of their full-grown counterparts and are also almost always eaten raw because they are so tender, which allows them to retain even more vitamins and minerals. Bursting with fresh and aromatic flavor, micros add a lovely pop of color to any dish. We recommend using them as a garnish on everything!

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