At Fat Beet we love our laying hens. Not only do they provide us with scrumptious eggs, but they help us tend the land too! We do everything we can to ensure they have the happiest, healthiest lives possible.

In the coop and chicken run, the hens have a “living soil” floor. It has layers of compost, worms, and horse manure that all feed off each other. The resulting soil is full of good bacteria and fungi, and the worms have plenty to feast on. This is especially important so the girls can eat a healthy amount of protein-rich worms each day, and all the activity beneath the surface makes the coop self-cleaning!

Besides eggs and entertainment, the other great benefit that the chickens provide us is natural pest control and fertilization. We have a chicken tractor, a mobile coop, which allows us to transport the hens to graze in specific areas of the farm. Our girls love to eat all pesky insects in sight, and their waste throughout the day provides nitrogen to enrich the soil.

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